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About us

Norwegian Cyclists’ Association is the sole organisation for everyday cycling in Norway. The association has worked diligently for bettering the conditions for cycling in Norway ever since its inception in 1947. Today, we have approximately 10 000 members from across the nation, in addition to 17 local branches.

Norwegian Cyclists’ Association aims to raise awareness of the everyday possibilities the bicycle has to offer – as means of transportation to both work and recreational activities, and as a source to exciting experiences and improved health. We’re aspiring to achieve this through our projects, such as Bike Friendly Workplace, Bike Friendly School and bicycle education course.

We are continually seeking to accomplish political impact towards Parliament, Government, local councils, and the establishment. In addition, we are co-operating with a variety of other non-profit organisations.

Norwegian Cyclists’ Association offers numerous benefits for its members. Riding your bike should pay off. And being our member does pay off.

Please contact us for any queries.

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